On the 15th day of the 2017 January Grand Sumo Tournament, there was the match of Ozeki Kisenosato vs. Yokozuna Hakuho in January 22 2017. Kisenosato beat Hakuho by “Sukuinage” that mean “Beltless arm throw”. So Kisenosato was 14 wins and 1 loss and he won the January Grand Sumo Tournament. It was Kisenosato’s first victory in 15 years since his debut, he will be promote to the Yokozuna in the next tournament.

In the winner interview, Kisenosato shed tears and told the gratitude to the surroundings and fans. The schedule after this, the Japan Sumo Association will hold an extraordinary board of directors in January 25 and the promotion to Yokozuna for Kisenosato will be resolved in this time.

Kisenosato’s biography is that he’s the age of 30, he was born at Ibaraki Prefecture in 1986. His real name is Yutaka Hagiwara, he played baseball until junior high school. Because Kisenosato was big and he was recruited to the stable of Naruto in 2002. In 2004, he became the Jyuryo (the second division wrestler) in the second youth of history.

In same year, he became the Maegashira (the top division wrestler) in the second youth of history again and changed stage name to Kisenosato. After that, he was 12 wins and 3 losses in the 2005 Autumn Grand Sumo Tournament and he got the Fighting spirit prize first time. So Kisenosato became one of the most promising wrestlers.

Then Kisenosato became the Sekiwake (the Junior champion) first time in 2009. And in the 2010 Kyusyu Grand Sumo Tournament, he won Yokozuna Hakuho and stopped Hakuho’s winning streak with 63. Kisenosato also got the Outstanding performance prize in this tournament and held the Sekiwake rank after 1 year.

Just before the 2011 Kyusyu Grand Sumo Tournament, Naruto of the stable master died so Kisenosato was in deep grief. However, he win 10th and got the Technique prize in this tournament, he was promote to the Ozeki (the second highest rank in sumo). For the following 5 years, Kisenosato was active in the Ozeki but his best record was 13 wins so he could not win the tournament.

In 2016, Kisenosato won 69 times and got the most wins of the year without first winning history ever. Because Kisenosato was weak in spirit so he often lost in a match with a downgraded sumo wrestler. But he was mentally calm in the 2017 January Grand Sumo Tournament and this is the factor that he won.

This youtube’s video is the movie that Kisenosato got the winning cup and his winner interview. In the match of Kisenosato vs. Hakuho, there was 61 offer prizes in this match and Kisenosato got 1.83 million yen. Then Kisenosato is not married yet and he is still single. So his next goal is to find a good wife.