On September 8, Yokozuna Hakuho announced to be absent from the next tournament. The tournament of September will be held from September 11 at Ryogoku Kokugikan. Hakuho injured the thumb of his right foot in the tournament of July, and he also hurt his left knee during the provincial tour of August. So he does not really practice, rested at home. He began to practice from this week, but he could not stamp down the dirt.

Hakuho had never rested the entire schedule of the tournament after becoming Yokozuna. His resting the entire schedule of the tournament is since 2006, it’s only once since his debut in 2001. Hakuho said “I’m feeling that also become stronger When come back”.

How would his results of after the tournament absence? At the time of 2006′ tournament absence, Hakuho’s record was 10 wins and 5 defeat in the next tournament. By the way, Yokozuna Harumafuji was absent from the tournament in 2015, he won the victory in the next tournament with his record was 13 wins and 2 defeat.

However, there is a data to be worried. Six Yokozuna who retired recently, has announced the retirement after the tournament absence(Except Asashoryu retired in the scandal). Because they lost many times so felt the decline in physical fitness and retired. Great Yokozuna Chiyonofuji who died in July, also retired after the tournament absence.

The reason for them to feel the decline in physical fitness, might be their age. Let’s look at the age of 6 Yokozuna who retired recently and Chiyonofuji.

・Musashimaru retired at 32 years old in 2003.
・Takanohana retired at 30 years old in 2003.
・Akebono retired at 31 years old in 2001.
・Wakanohana retired at 29 years old in 2000.
・Asahifuji retired at 31 years old in 1992.
・Onokuni retired at 28 years old in 1991.
・Chiyonofuji retired at 35 years old in 1991.

Hakuho is currently 31 years old. Compared with the above Yokozuna, it is not strange that Hakuho will retire in the next tournament.

This youtube’s video is the ring entering ceremony of Yokozuna Hakuho and Harumafuji at the provincial tour of August. The Fans want to be seen the ring entering ceremony of Hakuho in the tournament of November.