On the 3rd day that Sumo tournament of Summer , there was match of Ichinojo vs Harumafuji May 10.

After a long match more than one and a half minutes, Ichinojo won the Yokozuna. He won Yokozuna since about a year ago.

Ichinojo raised the 13 wins at two years ago, became suddenly popular. He also appeared in TV commercials, but the sumo grades dropped. In tournament of January this year, he has 2 wins and 13 losses. it is humiliating results.

So he started training with an awareness of the trunk, and not drink Liquor during the tournament. This victory was the effect of these.

■Some other results

Hakuho(Yokozuna)won Myogiryu

Kakuryu(Yokozuna) won Takarafuji

Kotoshogiku(Ozeki)won Aoiyama

Ikioi won Terunofuji(Ozeki)

Kisenosato(Ozeki) won Shodai

Goeido(Ozeki) won Kaisei