On the 3rd day of the Kyusyu Grand Sumo Tournament, there was the match of Yokozuna Hakuho vs Top division wrestler Kaisei in November 15. Hakuho beat Kaisei by “Uwatenage” that mean “Overarm throw”. Hakuho had not take part in the last tournament, but he won three matchs in a row from the 1st day. In addition, it was 1,000th win for Hakuho.

Hakuho also won in the 4th day of the tournament. He beat Tamawashi of the junior champion second grade by “Tsukiotoshi” that mean “Dodging and forcing down”. Ozeki Goeido who was promote to Yokozuna in this tournament, beat Mitakeumi of the junior champion second grade by “Yorikiri” that mean “forcing out”. Goeido also won four matchs in a row from the 1st day. And top division wrestler Endo won Ozeki Kotoshogiku by ”Hatakikomi” that mean “slapping down”. So Endo beat three Ozeki, Terunofuji, Kisenosato and Kotoshogiku.

Yokozuna Kakuryu beat Kaisei by Yorikiri, he also won four matchs in a row from the 1st day. So there are three sumo wrestler in all four matches, Yokozuna Hakuho and Kakuryu, and the top division wrestler Sokokurai. Sokokurai was born at China, he is the first Chinese “Sekitori” that mean “the sumo wrestler in the senior‐grade or junior‐grade”.

Hakuho got a first win in the grand sumo tournament on May 15 2001. After 15 years and a half, he won 1,000 wins. There were two sumo wrestlers who won 1000 wins so far, Former Ozeki Kaioh and Former Yokozuna Chiyonofuji. Kaioh took 22 years to win 1000th, and Chiyonofuji took 19 years and 4 month to win 1000th. So Hakuho achieved the record earliest.

As of November 15, Hakuho’s total stats is 1,001 wins and 207 defeats until . Great Yokozuna Chiyonofuji, he died at 61 in July and his total stats was 1.045 wins and 437 defeats. So Hakuho’s win rate is 82%, it is higher than Chiyonofuji. The most wins are 1047 in Kaioh, but Hakuho will update it in 2017.

What is the secret of the strength of Hakuho? According to his stable master Miyagino, Hakuho does not make days off. He always get physical activity even on holidays and stamp down the dirt in the ring for 1 hour. Hakuho is the 31 years old, but thanks to this daily training he is able to keep winning. And he operated the right foot thumb and left knee, his recovery was early. He won the championship 37 times in the grand sumo tournament before the unexpected.

This youtube’s video is the match of Hakuho’s 1000th win. His interview after the match is also included.