On the 14th day of the Autumn Grand Sumo Tournament, there was the match of Ozeki Goeido vs Tamawashi, September 24. Goeido was 13 wins until this day, and Endo was the following results that was 11 wins and 2 losses. Endo won Takayasu in this day, but Goeido also won Tamawashi by “Yorikiri” that mean “forcing out”. So Goeido was 14 wins, won the Autumn Grand Sumo Tournament. Goeido won his first time in grand sumo tournament, aims to be promote to Yokozuna at next tournament.

Ozeki Kisenosato aimed to promoted to Yokozuna at this tournament. But he lost already four times, his challenge to be promote to Yokozuna was back to square one. Okinoumi won two Yokozuna and three Ozeki. But he was losing continues, and dropped out of the championship. Yokozuna Hakuho rest this tournament, Two other Yokozuna of Harumafuji and Kakuryu also lost to Goeido.

Goeido Gotaro’s biography is that he’s the age of 30, he was born at Osaka in 1986. He began Sumo at the time of the elementary school. After that, he was active in the Sumo at high school and was recruited to the stable of Sakaigawa in 2005. Next year, he became the second division wrestler(Jyuryo) early, and became the top division wrestler(Maegashira)in 2007. Then he had became junior champion(Sekiwake)first time in 2009, and became Sekiwake again in 2012.

In the Nagoya Grand Sumo Tournament 2014, Goeido became a sekiwake in 14 tournament continuously. This is a record of the history of first place. He was 12 wins and 3 loses in this tournament and was promote to Ozeki. However after promote to Ozeki, he repeated more wins than losses and more loses than wins. So it is for the first time that that won 13 or more.

Why did he become so strong in this tournament? The reason is the summer regional tour before this tournament. This regional tour was carried out for 23 days and it was so long and hard for sumo wrestler. Yokozuna Hakuho got hurt in regional tour, but because Goeido was not injured so he was able to practice every day. Goeido showed the benefit of the practice in this tournament.

This youtube’s video is the movie that Goeido was promote to Ozeki. The fans hope that he will be promotes to Yokozuna in near future.