The Japan proffesional baseball entry draft was held at Tokyo in October 20. The draft targeted at the amateur babseball players of Japanese nationality, it corresponds to the Major League Baseball First-Year Player Draft in MLB. In Japan, All team selected a hope player for the first round draft pick. If a same player was nominated, the team drew lots. From the second round draft pick, it was carried out in the waiver draft system.

In the first round draft pick, 2 players overlapped nomination. At first, Yuya Yanagi of the Meiji University was nominated by the Chunichi Dragons and the Yokohama DeNA Baystars. He is 22 years old and the pitcher. The lottery method draws the envelope in the box one by one team. If “Win the negotiating rights” is written on paper in the envelope, it win the lottery. A result of the lottery, the Dragons win the draft lottery.

At second, Seigi Tanaka of the Soka University was selected by the Chiba Lotte Marines, the Tokyo Yomiuri Giants, the Fukuoka Softbank Hawks, the Hokkaido Nipponham Fighters and Hiroshima Carp. Seigi Tanaka is also 22 years old and the pitcher. A result of the lottery, the Hawks win the draft lottery.

After that, the 5 teams of removing the lottery selected again. Then the incident of the first time happened. A same player was nominated by the 5 teams again. The player was Chihaya Sasaki of the Obirin University, he is 22 years old and the pitcher. A result of the lottery, the Marines win the draft lottery. The remaining 4 teams nominated separately players finally. Overall, 87 players get drafted into the 2016 Draft.

How many teams did nominate a same player? Let’s introduce the past draft in Japan. Hideo Nomo get drafted by the most number of teams. In 1989, 8 teams picked him in the first-round draft, the Kintetsu Buffaloes(Now Orix Buffaloes) won the draft lottery. Nomo played in the Buffaloes 5 years and transfered to the Los Angeles Dodgers.

Kosuke Fukudome get drafted by the many number of teams. In 1995, 7 teams picked him in the first-round draft, the Kintestu Buffaloes won the draft lottery. But Fukudome refused the nomination and played in the industrial league baseball. 3 years after, he was picked in the first-round draft of the Chunichi Dragons and contracted with  the team. After that he also transfered to the MLB, the Chicago Cubs.

The Japanese players of moving to MLB,  get drafted by the many number of teams. Hideki Matsui of former New York Yankees get drafted by 4 teams and he contracted with the Tokyo Giants in 1992. Masahiro Tanaka of the New York Yankees also get drafted by 4 teams and he contracted with the Tohoku Rakuten Eagles in 2006. Other, Daisuke Matsuzaka was nominated by 3 teams and he joined the Saitama Seibu Lions.

This youtube’s video is the movie that Nomo threw the first no-hitter in Coors Field. The fans want to be active in Seigi Tanaka and Chihaya Sasaki like Nomo.