The Fujitsu Ladies 2016 of Japan LPGA tour was held from October 14 to 16, at the Tokyu Seven Hundred Club in Chiba. The top 5 players of the prize money ranking didn’t take part in the tournament, Bo-Mee Lee, Ai Suzuki, Ha-Neul Kim and Jiyai Shin. So there was a good opportunity of the first victory for the young players. In the top 5 players of the prize money ranking, Ritsuko Ryu only took part in this tournament.

In the first round, Ryu shot a 67 so she took the first place. Kotone Hori also played 67 and they are lined up in the first place. Ryu has won already twice in this season and her prize money was already more than 1 billion yen. Ryu showed her ability in the first round.

Ryu and Hori also shot a 68 in the second round. So thier score was 9 under, they are lined up in the first place again. Hori was defeated by Nasa Hataoka of an amateur golfer in the Japan Women’s Open Golf Championship. Hori’s stats was the 2nd place in the tournament but she has maintained a good condition. In other player, Ayaka Matsumori played 64 and it was the best score in the second round. Matsumori took the 3rd place and she was 1 stroke behind Ryu and Hori.

Ryu, Hori and Matsumori were same pairing in the final round. But Ryu and Hori made the bad score, Ryu was the card of 73, Hori was the card of 74, However Matsumori had her own way, she shot a 68. So she won the Fujitsu Ladies 2016. Her score was 12 under and it was the first time for her to win the Japan LPGA tour tournament. Ryu was the second place and 4 strokes behind Matsumori. Hori was the third place finally.

Ayaka Matsumori ’s biography is that she’s the age of 22 and she was born at Tokyo. She began playing golf from 4 years old in order to the influence of her grandfather. She passed to the test of the Japan LPGA in 2013 and had been played in the tournament. In 2015 season, Matsumori took the 41th place in the prize money ranking so she was seeded in 2016 season. She continued the steady play and failed a cut lose only 3 times in this year.

Why did Ayaka Matsumori win the tournament? She is 5 feet 8 inches tall(170 cm), so she has a high stature in Japanese women. But her weight was light, she was like a good style model. Then she continued the life of 5 times meals in a day in off season and increased the weight of 5 kg. Thanks to that, her swing was stable in 2016 season and She became a strong and beautiful golfer.

in addition, her caddy was John Bennett of the professional caddy. Bennett was a caddy of Sakura Yokomine until last year, so Yokomine got the prize money queen for 2009. In this tournament, Matsumori missed the shot several times. But Bennett told her to “Patience” in this times so she was able to play without having to run out the concentration. For win to this tournament, Matsumori took the 16th place in the prize money ranking.

This youtube’s video is the swing of Matsumori. She wants to play in the US LPGA tour in the future.