There was the game of Yokohama DeNA Baystars vs Tokyo Yakult Swallows at Yokohama stadium, in September 6. Starting pitcher was Shoichi Ino of Baystars and Yoshinori of Swallows. In the top of 1st inning, Tetsuto Yamada of Swallows made a hit from Ino. Then, Yamada stole second base, he got 30th stolen base in 2016 season. Yamada also made a homerun in the top of 9th inning. But in this game, Baystars piled up points and lead that score of 6-1. The game proceeded as same score, Baystars won the game.

Yamada received a dead ball in game of July 30, he injured his back. After that, he complained of heavy pain in the back and replaced in the game of August 9. So Yamada was rehabilitation in minor league until August 23. At this game, his stats is .325 average, 34 homerun and 30 stolen bases. Yamada achieved the triple three for 2 years in a row.

What is “triple three”? In Japanese proffesional baseball, the triple three is the group of batters who have collected .300 average, 30 home runs and 30 stolen bases in a single season. Past 10 players achieved the triple three in Japan, Yamada achieved in 2015 season. So for the first time in history, he achieved for 2 years in a row.

In Major League Baseball, Past 22 players achieved the triple three. At first, Ken Williams of St. Louis Browns was achieved in 1922. Barry Bonds achieved three times in 1990, 1992 and 1996. In addition, Past 2 players achieved the triple three for 2 years in a row. Let compared with Yamada’s stats.

Vladimir Guerrero(Montreal Expos)
・Stats is .307 average, 34 homerun and 37 stolen bases(2001)
・Stats is .336 average, 39 homerun and 40 stolen bases(2002)

Ryan Braun(Milwaukee Brewers)
・Stats is .332 average, 33 homerun and 33 stolen bases(2011)
・Stats is .319 average, 41 homerun and 30 stolen bases(2012)

Tetsuto Yamada(Tokyo Yakult Swallows)
・Stats is .329 average, 38 homerun and 34 stolen bases(2015)
・Stats is .325 average, 34 homerun and 30 stolen bases(2016)

This youtube’s video is the batting of Yamada at the game of Japan national team vs MLB All-Stars in 2014. he lifts a line-drive single to left field. The fans hope him to make such a hit in the MLB, someday.