There was the game of Miami Marlins vs Colorado Rockies at Coors Field, August 7. Starting pitcher was Adam Conley of Marlins and Jonathan Gray of Rockies. On this day, Alex Rodriguez of New York Yankees announced his retirement but Ichiro Suzuki of Marlins entered the batting order as 6th hitter. In the top of the 7th inning, Ichiro got the three-base hit and this is 3,000th hit for him in MLB.

Ichiro raised his hand on the base and responded to the cheers of the audience. He entered the 3,000 Hit Club in the 30th. 3,000 hits is a criteria for Hall of Fame, so he will be the first Hall of Fame player in Japanese. Incidentally, it is a combined total of 4,278th hit in his professional career in the U.S. and Japan.

Let’s compare his record with 3,000 Hit Club members.
・Games that have achieved the 3,000 hits
Ichiro achieved in the 2,453 game. This is the 14th fastest, First place is Ty Cobb(2,135 games).
・Bats that have achieved the 3,000 hits
Ichiro achieved in 9,568 at bats. This is the 11th fastest, First place is Ty Cobb(8,093 at bats).
・The number of season that achieved 3,000 hits
Ichiro achieved in 16 seasons. This is a most fast along with Pete Rose.
・Age has achieved 3,000 hits
Ichiro achieved in 42 year old and 9 months 17 days. This is the 2nd of elderly record. The oldest is Cap Anson(45 year old and 3 months 1 day). Conversely, the youngest is Ty Cobb(34 year old).