Japan Rugby play with Georgia,Wales, and Fiji in November


Japan Rugby Football Union announced that will make the test match with 3 countries in November, 2016. Every match will be carried out in Europe and they are away games for Japan. The three matches are as follows:

■Japan vs Georgia

Japan national rugby union team play test match with Georgia national rugby union team in November 12. The match is carried out in Tbilisi, The match venue is undecided. The past results of Japan and Georgia is that Japan took 3 wins and 1 loss. However, Recent results was equality, Georgia won by 35-24 in November 2014 and Japan won by 13-10 in September 2015.

■Japan vs Wales

Next, Japan play test match with Wales national rugby union team in November 19. The match is carried out in Principality Stadium of Cardiff. Japan had never won Wales and was 12-match losing streak. But in June 2013, Japan won by 23-8 at Chichibu memorial stadium in Japan. The victory was first time since the first competition in 1973.

■Japan vs Fiji

Finally, Japan play test match with Fiji national rugby union team in November 26. The match is carried out in France, The match venue is undecided. The past results of Japan and Fiji is that Japan took 3 wins and 13 losses. In the recent match, fiji won Japan by 27-22 in July 2015.

World Ranking of June 15, Japan is ranked 11th, Georgia is ranked 12th, Wales is ranked 6th, and Fiji is ranked 10th.