There was a game of Sunwolves vs Stormers at Singapore, May 14.

Shota Horie(HO, Captain)and Hitoshi ohno(LO)are out of the starting lineup in consideration of the fatigue. but Tim Bond(LO) has returned from 4 game’s suspension. Harumichi Tatekawa(CTB)was a game captain on behalf of Horie.

First half, Tusi Pisi(SO)scored 4 penalty goals and Akihito Yamada(WTB)scored a try, Sunwolves took the lead in 14-3.

Second half, Stormers that 1st place of South Africa conference was counterattack, rest in 1 minute, became a score of 17-10. Sunwolves was a 2nd victory imminent. But was taken to try by Vincent koch of Stormers and penalty goal also determined, game was 17-17 draw.

Sunwolves will play the next game with Reds at Brisbane, May 21. Ayumu Goromaru(FB)belonging to the Reds, was full participating in game with the Hurricanes May 14, and took 3 penalty goals. But Reds lost in score 29-14.