Japan Rugby Football Union has announced TopLeague schedule of 2016-17 season, May 9.

Until August 26 to January 14 2017,  Performing a round-robin of 16 teams.

Avoid the dates overlap with Super Rugby, playoff after the league is not performed.

2016-17 season Top League, will be held at the stadium of the past most of the 47 places.

■Some of the match schedule

Panasonic Wildnights vs Yamaha Jubilo (August 26, 2016) Last season champion vs Ayumu Goromaru’s team

Kubota Spears vs Toyota Verblitz(September 4, 2016)It is carried out in only Hokkaido.

Toshiba Brave Lupus vs Canon Eagles(September 10, 2016)Carried out in the 2019 World Cup finals stadium, Yokohama.