Latest News: 2017 Earth Mondahmin Cup of Japan LPGA Tour was held from June 22 to 25, at the Camellia Hills Country Club in Chiba prefecture. The prize money of this tournament is very high, the total amount of prizes is 180 million yen.

In the first round, Ai Suzuki shot a 68 so she took the 4th place. Luckily, this tournament had beautiful days during 3 days, Suzuki raised scores and took the 1st place in the 3rd round (15 under).

In the final round, the weather was bad but Ai Suzuki shot a 69 and her total score was 18 under. So she won 2017 Earth Mondahmin Cup. This was 2nd victory for her in 2017. Then Suzuki got the winning prize of 32.4 million yen and took the 2nd place of the prize money ranking in the Japan LPGA Tour.

By the way, in this tournament Shin Ae Ahn of Korean player participated for the 3rd time in Japan LPGA tour. Ahn is called “Sexy Queen” and fascinated the galleries with a little skirt. Ahn made the cut and took 16th place finally. She will participated in the Nipponham Ladies Classic in July.

About a month ago, 2017 Hoken No Madoguchi Ladies of Japan LPGA Tour was held from May 12 to 14, at the Fukuoka Country Club in Fukuoka prefecture. The prize money of this tournament was also very high, the total amount of prizes is 120 million yen.

In the 1st round, the weather was bad so the tournament was suspended in 5 hours. All players could not hole out, they rounded 36 hole over 2 days. Then at the end of 2nd round, Ai suzuki took the first place and her total score was 7 under.

In the final round, Suzuki had a knee ache but shot a 72 and her total score was 7 under. So she won 2017 Hoken No Madoguchi Ladies, this was first victory for her in 2017.

2 weeks before, 2017 CyberAgent Ladies Golf Tournament of Japan LPGA Tour was held at the Grand Fields Country Club. Suzuki tied for first place, but she lost Ha Neul Kim a playoff. In this week Kim aimed for winning 3 tournaments in a row, but Suzuki was arrested.

Ai Suzuki was born at Tokushima prefecture in 1994 (Age 23). She began playing golf from 11 years old and became a professional golfer in 2013. In 2014, she got first victory in the Japan LPGA Championship Konica Minolta Cup (It is one of four majors on the Japan LPGA Tour).

Last year, Suzuki won the Chukyo TV Bridgestone Ladies Open. After that she won the Japan LPGA Championship again, so she ranked 5th in 2016 prize ranking (her total prize exceeded 120 million yen). Suzuki is good at putting, her putting average was 1st in 2016 (stats 1,7445). Now she is a No.1 young player in Japanese.

Suzuki is not married and she is very close with Shiho Oyama in Japan LPGA member. They are 17 years apart in age, but partnered off in 2016 the Queens that is contested by teams representing the tours of Japan, Korea, Australia and Europe. Then they had used the clubs of the same manufacturer (PING).

What’s in the Bag : Ai Suzuki has a contract with PING Golf. Her WITB is as follows; (As of May 14)

Driver: PING G ALTA J50 (10.5 degrees)
3 Wood: Callaway GBB Epic Sub Zero FW(15 degrees)
Hybrid: PING G #3,4 (19, 22 degrees)
Hybrid: PING G30 #5  (26 degrees)
Irons:PING i200 (6-PW)
Wedges:PING GLIDE 2.0 (50,54,58)
Ball: Titleist Pro V1x

This youtube’s video is the commercial film of Suzuki. Her play is getting better and she will be active at the Japan LPGA Tour in the future. After that, Suzuki will participate in the United States Women’s Open Golf Championship and the Women’s British Open.