Latest News: The 8th round of 2017 J1 League was held on 4th week of April. On April 22 Jubilo Iwata played against Kashima Antlers at Kashima stadium. Former Celtic F.C. Shunsuke Nakamura was in the starting member, he scored a goal and Jubilo beat Antlers 3 to 0. So Jubilo took 6th place and 13 points in 2017 season. (There is a movie of his goal at the bottom of this page)


Shunsuke Nakamura was born at Kanagawa prefecture in 1978 (Age 38). Nakamura began playing football from 7 years old, and he was playing in the Yokohama F. Marinos’ cantera of J-League for a while. Then he entered Toko Gakuen high school that was the prestigious foorball school, his team won second place in the All Japan High School Soccer Tournament.

Yokohama F. Marinos

After graduating from high school, Nakamura joined the Marinos in 1997. He had been played in the team first from rookie year and played as an attacking midfielder. Nakamura played as a central player until 2002 and scored 33 goals in 148 matches in the Marinos. And he got the J.League Most Valuable Player in 2000.


In July 2002, Nakamura transferred to the Reggina of Serie A on a permanent deal. He played as a central player and took the freekick. He was helping Reggina narrowly avoid relegation on 2002-2003 season, and he scored 11 goals in 81 matches in the Reggina until 2005.

Celtic F.C.

Then in July 2005, Nakamura transferred to the Celtic FC of the Scottish Premiership on a permanent deal. His transfer fee was 2.5 million pounds and he became a legendary player in this club. At first, Nakamura won his first major club titles, the Scottish Premier League and Scottish League Cup in 2005-2006 season.

The Celtic also won the championship of the Scottish Premier League in 2006-2007 season, he got the Scottish Professional Footballers’ Association’s player of the year award for 2007. In the same season, the Celtic played in the UEFA Champions League and Nakamura contributed to going on to the final tournament. Until 2009, he scored 31 goals in 147 matches in the Celtic.

Espanyol and Marinos again

After that, Nakamura transferred to the RCD Espanyol of Liga Espanola in June 2009. But he was not active in this team, so he returned to the Marinos on February 2010 for playing in 2010 South Africa World Cup. He also played as a central player and contributed to winning the Emperor ‘s Cup in 2013. So he got the J.League Most Valuable Player again in this year. Until 2010-2016 season, Nakamura was the captain of the team and he scored 35 goals in 190 matches in the Marinos.

Japan national team

Shunsuke Nakamura was also active in Japan national football team. He played in 2000 Sydney olympics and he was expected to participate in 2002 FIFA World Cup Korea/Japan. But he was not convened to the national team because he was injured. After that, he contributed to winning 2004 AFC Asian Cup and got Most Valuable Player of the Cup.

Then he participated in 2006 Germany World Cup and played  in Japan national football team until 2010. Nakamura scored 24 goals in 98 matches in the national team, but finally Keisuke Honda got regular football instead of Nakamura. So Nakamura could only play a little in 2010 South Africa World Cup. After the World Cup, he expressed his retirement as Japan national football team.

Jubilo Iwata

On January 8 2017, Shunsuke Nakamura transferred to the Jubilo Iwata of J1 League. His contract with the Jubilo Iwata is 2 years and his annual salary is 80 million yen. This annual salary has declined (his salary in 2016 season was 120 million yen), and the Jubilo were also preparing a uniform number 10 for Nakamura. In 2 week before, the semifinal of Emperor’s Cup was held at Yanmar Stadium Nagai and the Kashima Antlers beat the Marinos 2 to 0. After the match, Nakamura told that his agent and the club are negotiating about his contract.

By the way, Why did he transfer to the Jubilo Iwata? There seems to be several reasons. First of all, the Marinos was 10th in J1 League 2016 season but Erick Mombaerts of the manager remained in 2017 season. And for aims to replace players, the Marinos presented Nakamura with half the annual salary of this season. So he may not feel comfortable about the policy of such a team.

Second of all, In the Jubilo Yuki Kobayashi of the center player transferred to the SC Heerenveen of Eredivisie. So Hiroshi Nanami of the Jubilo’s manager wanted to contract with Nakamura and the Jubilo presented a good contract to Nakamura. It would be a rewarding team for Nakamura.

Private Life

His family is that Nakamura married with Japanese woman (his wife is former entertainer Manami Imai) in 2004 and had 3 sons and a daughter.

Playing Videos

Shunsuke Nakamura is known as a master of free kicks in the world. His most famous free kick is the goal in the match with the Manchester United F.C in the UEFA Champions League 2006/2007. This youtube’s video is the movie of his goals. His free kick is a beautiful no matter how many times you look.

Now his free kick is alive. In the 3rd round of 2017 J1 League, the Jubilo played against Omiya Ardija and Nakamura scored on a free kick to give Jubilo a 2-1 win. This youtube’s video is the movie of his free kick and it was his first goal in Jubilo.

And this youtube’s video is Nakamura’s second goal in the 8th round of 2017 J1 League (on April 22 Jubilo Iwata Vs. Kashima Antlers). I will report his latest news and stats on this page, please check it out sometime!