Hideaki Wakui of the Chiba Lotte Marines announced that he married Moe Oshikiri of a Japanese famous model. They were acquainted from 3 years ago. When Oshikiri threw the first ball, Wakui taught her how to throw. Then they have been dating for 1 year, and registered a marriage on November 1. They are already living together in Tokyo.

Hideaki Wakui ’s biography is that he’s the age of 30, and he was born at Chiba. He was drafted by the Saitama Seibu Lions in the first round in 2004 npb draft. He contracted with the Lions and he was a pitcher. Wakui had been play in the first team at the rookie year, and he was an ace for the Lions consecutively. In 2007, he won 17 and became the pitcher with the most wins. And in 2008, he contributed to the championship of the Pacific League as a starting rotation. The Lions won the Japan Series in same year. Wakui won 16 in 2009 and became the pitcher with the most wins again. In this year, His Stats were 16 wins, 199 strikeouts, 11 complete games, 211 innings pitched, 27 pitching appearances, a .727 winning percentage, and an ERA of 2.30. So he won the Sawamura Award.

After that, Wakui turned to the closer of the Lions and recorded 30 saves in 2012. Then in the 2013 off season, he declared free agency and transferd to the Marines. He signed the contract with the Marines of 3 year and his annual salary was 220 million yen. Wakui turned to the starting pitcher from 2014. In 2015, he won 15 and became the pitcher with the most wins third time. He also convented in the Japan national baseball team of 2009 and 2013 world baseball classic.

Wakui’s wife Moe Oshikiri is that she’s the age of 36, and she was also born at Chiba. She worked as the model for fashion magazines since the high school student, and she became the exclusive model of the famous fashion magazine “Cancam” in 2001. Oshikiri continued to working the model, and wrote a novel in 2013. She also drew a picture, she took a variety of talent. By the way she was dating a professional baseball player than ever, the Tokyo Yomiuri Giants Takahiko Nomaguchi. This youtube’s video is the TV commercial that she appeared.

Hideaki Wakui consideres the transfer to the Major League Baseball. He hopes to transfers in the posting system, but it will not be recognized by the Marines. He will get the free agency again in 2017 season, so he will declare free agency and transfer to the MLB. Moe Oshikiri can speaks english, she is going to be his support in the United States.

In July 2015, Wakui got 100th win in his professional career. This youtube’s video is his interview in this time. He almost does not change the look in the mound, but he received a bouquet of flowers and was smileing in this interview.