There was the All Star Game of Japan proffesional baseball at Fukuoka Dome, July 15. Difference from MLB,  Japan All Star Game held 2 times in year because got financial resources for NPB and pension of players. This game was the first round. Starting pitcher of Central league was Tomoyuki Sugano(Giants) and Pacific league was Tsuyoshi Wada(Hawks).

In the 4th inning, Hayato Sakamoto(Giants)got a home run from Ayumu Ishikawa(Marines). Next inning, Yoshitomo Tsutsugo(Baystars)and Wladimir Balentien(Swallows)got a home run from Takahiro Norimoto(Eagles), so Central league took the lead in score of 3-0. After that, Pacific league took 2 point, the score was 3-2 at 8th inning. In the 9th inning, Central league took additional 2 point by Yasutaka Tobashira(Baystars), but Takumi Kuriyama of Pacific league also got 2 run home run. Finally, Central league won in the score of 5-4. Tsutsugo got award of MVP.

In the next day, there was the All Star Game of 2nd round at Yokohama Stadium. Starting pitcher of Central league was Kenta Ishida(Baystars) and Pacific league was Hideaki Wakui(Marines). In the 2nd inning, Tsutsugo got a home run again from Wakui. Next inning, Yoshihiro Maru(Carp)got a home run from Shohei Tsukahara(Buffaloes), so Central league took the lead in score of 3-0 even in this game. but in the 5th inning, Shohei Otani(Fighters)got a home run from Shoichi Ino(Baystars). It was the first home run for him in all star game. and Hideto Asamura(Lions)got 2 run home run from Ino in same inning, The score was tied at 3-3.

After that, both teams took 2 points until the 8th inning, The score was tied again at 5-5. In 9th inning, Greeted the jump of the fan, pitcher of Central league has changed to Yasuaki Yamasaki(Baystars). He threw the knuckle ball and did not give a point. After all, both teams did not get the point so the game was draw. Otani made 3 hits and got award of MVP.