At Sapporo Dome, there was a game of Softbank Hawks vs Nipponham Fighters, May 3.

Starting pitcher of Hawks was Henricus Nicolas van den Hurk, who is 13-game winning streak from the start of the contestants. This is a Japanese record with Tsuneo Horiuchi of 1966(Yomiuri Giants).

Today, he was struck a home run from Daiki Asama(The first home run in professional), and has hit 2 homers from Brandon J. Laird. Van den Hurk was deprived of four points to up to 7 innings.

But Hawks also fight back with 3 RBI of Seiichi Uchikawa, it became the score of 4:4 to 9innings .

Then, Nobuhiro Matsuda hit a reverse home run to 10 innings, the Hawks won in the 5:4.

Although Van den Hurk did not become a winning pitcher,Defeated not myth has continued.