At Mazda Stadium in Hiroshima, there was a game of Hiroshima Carp vs. Chunichi Dragons.

Today’s Carp, Hiroki Kuroda is the starting lineup, with reduced 7 inings in 2 runs.

No. 3 batter of Yoshihiro Maru hit 3-run homer in two at-bats continuous, Carp contributed to victory.

However, after the home run, Maru has thrown the ball in the vicinity of the relentlessly body.and he got a dead ball.

The pitching contents at that time are those expressed in picture.


He was thrown into the interior angles in a row, hit the body in the fourth. Maru and coach of Carp, was furious to outright pitching. For pitcher of Dragons was upset, it was further taken a point. Carp was won 12:2.

Shuhei Takahashi, 3rd batter of the Dragons, will be a fractured right hand in this game, and the results were divided.