The reason that Yoshito Okubo transfers to FC Tokyo of J-League


Japanese football player Yoshito Okubo of the Kawasaki Frontale announced his transfer on November 8. He plays in the Frontale, but his contract with the Frontale ends over this year. So he decided to play in the FC Tokyo of J-League next season. His contract with the FC Tokyo is 2 years and his annual salary was 100 million yen. Okubo plays in the championship of J-League and the Emperor’s Cup as a member of the Frontale.

Yoshito Okubo ‘s biography is that he’s the age of 34, and he was born at Fukuoka. He began playing football from the elementary school and played in the position of forward. Then he entered Kunimi high school that was the prestigious foorball school. His team won the All Japan High School Soccer Tournament and Okubo got a top scorers. After graduating from high school, he joined the Cerezo Osaka of the J-League in 2001. He played as a central player until 2004 and got 57 goals in 112 matches in the Cerezo.

In November 2004,  Okubo transfered of loan deal to the RCD Mallorca of Liga Espanola. He scored a goal and assisted in the debut match, he attracted attention. He was also active after that and contributed to the Mallorca that escaped relegation. After the end of 2004-2005 season, Okubo was selected of the young best eleven in the Liga Espanola that was chosen by UEFA, with Sergio Ramos. Okubo was 22 years old then.

In June 2006, Okubo returned to the Cerezo. But the Cerezo demoted to the second division, he transferd to the Vissel Kobe after the end of 2006 season. His transfer fee was 300 million yen. He played in the Vissel until 2008 and got 27 goals in 70 matches. After that he transferd to the VfL Wolfsburg of Bundesliga, his transfer fee was 250 million yen. Okubo couldn’t be active in the Wolfsburg, but he experienced the championship of the Bundesliga with Makoto Hasebe in 2008-2009 season.

Okubo returned to the Vissel in June 2009. He played as a central player until 2012 and got 29 goals in 100 matches in the Vissel.  But the Vissel demoted to the second division, he transferd to the Frontale after the end of 2012 season. Okubo made a good combination with Kengo Nakamura in the Frontale, he got the top scorers of J-League from 2013 to 2015. Okubo also scored 181 goals total in the J-League until 2016 season, this is the J1 League record for Most Career Goals.

Yoshito Okubo was also active in Japan national football team. He played in 2004 Athens olympics and scored 2 goals. This success triggered the transfer to the Mallorca. After that, he participated in 2010 South Africa World Cup and contributed to Japan that entered in the last 16. After that, he was not selected to the national team for a while, but he convened in the Japan team just before 2014 Brazil World Cup. He played in 3 matchs but didn’t scored a goal in 2014 World Cup.

Why does Okubo transfer to the FC Tokyo? First of all, the FC Tokyo has the same high school players as him, Sota Hirayama and Yuhei tokunaga. They also played with Okubo in 2004 Athens olympics and they are still good friend with him. Second, Okubo recently bought a home. Because he cherishes the family very much so he will transfer to the FC Tokyo where he can go from home.

Okubo scored 230 goals total in his professional career, the most beautiful goal was scored in the friendlies match with Zambia in 2014. He held onto the ball from Toshihiro Aoyama and scored a wonder goal. This youtube’s video is his beautiful goal.