On the 15th day that the Sumo tournament at Nagoya, there was the match of Hakuho vs Harumafuji, July 24. This is a matchup between Yokozuna, but Harumafuji beat Hakuho by “Yorikiri” that mean “forcing out”. So Harumafuji was 13 wins and 2 losses, won the Sumo tournament at Nagoya. Harumafuji won 8th time in tournament, and won for 3rd time in Nagoya. Conversery, Hakuho was only 10 wins, and was 5 losses since 2012.

Kisenosato of Ozeki aimed that promoted to Yokozuna at this tournament. He wrestled with Goeido, and he won by “Oshidashi” that mean “pushing out”. So he was 12 wins and 3 losses. He was a good result of next to Harumafuji, the promoted to Yokozuna carry over to next tournament.

Another sumo wrestler who was same result as Kisenosato, is Takanoiwa. Takanoiwa is top division wrestler, he won Yoshikaze by “Oshidashi”. So he was 12 wins and 3 losses, got the Fighting spirit prize. For other awards, Takayasu got the Technique prize. Yoshikaze got the Outstanding performance prize, Takarafuji got the Fighting spirit prize. These awards are called “Sansho” and are sent to the good results wrestlers who is the top division other than Yokozuna and Ozeki.

This movie is the music video that Harumafuji has appeared. Kuni of the singer who is good frend with Harumafuji, was singing for feelings of Harumafuji toward his father.