It became a topic of conversation in Japan that high school baseball player has the unusual batting form. Tatsuto Murohashi, he is the 2nd-year student of Wako high school in Tokyo, showed “reverse” of flamingo‐style batting.

Murohashi is left batter, went to the batter’s box. When the pitcher throwed the ball, he raised his foot and made the timely. His batting form was the flamingo-style batting, so usually he raised the right foot as like Sadaharu Oh or Ichiro Suzuki. But he made the timely by raise the left foot. The Left foot is his pivot foot, however He took a good timing and made a three-base hit in Tokyo’s preliminary of Japan’s National High School Baseball Tournament(Koshien), July 11.

He did trial and error, and got the unusual batting form. The method is that raise the left foot and is standing to put the center of gravity in frontward. After that, down the left foot, put the weight on the left foot and hit the ball. At first, he thought that the batting form was angry by manager, so he practiced in secret. In the practice game of this spring, he got a good result of this form. His manager also admitted that this form is correct for him.

In the game of July 11, he got a good resurt but his team losted. He will practice hard and wants to go to Koshien next year.