Let’s teach Lukas Podolski the good things about Vissel Kobe


According to the news report in Japan, the Vissel Kobe of J1 League are negotiating with Lukas Podolski of the Galatasaray. The Vissel had been investigating through his agent since December 2016. Podolski’s annual salary is 3 million euros now, but the Vissel prepare the annual salary of 8 million euros and 3 year’s contracts for him. And the Vissel aim the contract with Podolski on a permanent deal. His uniform number will be 10.

The first engagement between Lukas Podolski and Japan football is a friendly match in 2006. The friendly match was held in May 30 2006, Germany national football team played against Japan national football team at the BayArena in Leverkusen. In this match, “Sushi Bomber” Naohiro Takahara got 2 goals, Japan held Germany to a draw. Podolski was in the starting lineup in this match, but he didn’t scored a goal and leaved the field in the 70 minute.

In the Club, Lukas Podolski became a teammate with a Japanese player. First, he played with Tomoaki Makino in the FC Koln of Bundesliga. Podolski and Makino played together for the year of 2011 and they were on good terms. Makino plays in the Urawa Red Diamonds of J1 League now, so they may play in Japan. Second, Podolski played with Yuto Nagatomo in the Inter Milan of Serie A. Podolski transferred to the Intel on a loan deal in 2015, but he played only 6 months and transferred again to the Galatasaray on a permanent deal.

Podolski played in the Arsenal FC of English Premier League from 2012 to 2014, and he came to Japan with the team in July 2013. He was a teammate with Ryo Miyaichi in this time and they played against the Nagoya Grampus and the Urawa Reds. But at this time Podolski did not go to Kobe, so let’s teach him the good things about Kobe City and Vissel Kobe.

First of all it’s Vissel’s home ground, Noevir Stadium. This stadium has a movable roof and it is the only stadium in Japan. So the players can play comfortably in any weather. Then the Noevir Stadium will also change to hybrid grass in the pitch next year. The hybrid grass is also used in Old Trafford and Camp Nou, but the Noevir Stadium will be the first case in Japan. In other words, Podolski will be able to play in a pretty good environment in J-League.

Second of all it’s Vissel’s owner company, Rakuten Inc. Rakuten are famous internet company in Japan. Rakuten also became the Barcelona’s primary shirt sponsor from 2017-2018 season, the contract is 4 years and the sponsorship fee amounts to 55 million euros per year. So Rakuten is the rich company, there are no unpaid paychecks like China.

Third of all it’s the environment of the city of Kobe. Kobe is a port town and the City was the largest port in the East until the early 1990s. So it is a city with many foreigners in Japan. And there is a consulate of Germany in Kobe, Podolski will be able to live more securely than Turkey.

This youtube’s video is the interview of Podolski recently. He seemed uneasy about the security of Turkey and he and his family wanted to leave Turkey. So he should play in Japan as safety!