The organizing of Tokyo Olympic, are considering that Baseball and Softball will be playing at Yokohama Stadium in 2020. This is likely to be determined by the Tokyo Olympic Games Organizing Committee on July 2016. Initially, they thought to be carried out in Tokyo Dome, because Tokyo Dome is no risk that canceled in case of rain. But there is no place of refuge and security check space around the Dome, so it can not be enough measures of terrorism. Yokohama Stadium is in the park, so it is also possible to make the space of refuge and security check. But in Olympic games, it can not be posting only official sponsor’s advertising so there is a processing problem of advertising that is usually posting.

■What kind of place is Yokohama Stadium?

Yokohama Stadium is in Yokohama City, it is the metropolis in Japan that Population is 3.7 million. The Stadium is 2-minute walk from Kannai Station, so very easy to go. There is the Chinatown in near by the stadium, it is possible to eat of delicious Chinese food after the game.

The Stadium was completed in 1978, Baseball and American football can be held. Now, there is the home stadium of Yokohama Dena Baystars that proffesional baseball team. It use artificial turf in the stadium, and can accommodate 28,000 of crowd. But ground is narrow, the stadium measures 94 meters(≒308 feet) in the left- and right- fields. So it can be seen well that a homer hit out of the park.

The Stadium is very clean because it was renovated, there are the number of toilet. And there are various types of seats in stand. For example, Sky Bar counter seat is with beer server of 10L , and Monitor BOX seat is with a monitor that the replay video is seen. Meals are sold in many shop of the stadium, there is the people that sell beer and drink in the stand. Yokohama Stadium is one of the most enjoy to watch baseball in Japan.