The reason Hiroshi Kiyotake of Sevilla transfers to Cerezo Osaka


According to the news report in Japan, Hiroshi Kiyotake of the Sevilla FC will transfer to the Cerezo Osaka of J-League on a permanent deal. Kiyotake signed the contract of 4 years with the Sevilla in June 2016, but he played only 4 matches in this season. Kiyotake has already left for Japan, he will join the training camp of Cerezo as soon as possible.

In the Liga Espanola, the number of foreign players outside the EU is limited to three players. Because Argentineans footballer Walter Montoya of Rosario Central transferred to the Sevilla FC on a permanent deal, so the Sevilla FC had to release Kiyotake.

Hiroshi Kiyotake ‘s biography is that he’s the age of 27, and he was born at Oita Prefecture. Koki Kiyotake of the JEF United Ichihara Chiba is his little brother. Hiroshi Kiyotake began playing football from the elementary school, and he was playing in the cantera of the Oita Trinita of the J-League. He was a Midfielder and broke into the first team in 2008.

In 2009 Kiyotake played as a central player of the Trinita, he got 3 goals in 23 matches. Next year, he transferred to the Cerezo Osaka on a permanent deal. In the Cerezo, Kiyotake got 13 goals in 66 matches until 2012 and became popular player in Japan. In May 2012, he transferred to the FC Nurnberg of Bundesliga on a permanent deal. He signed the contract of 3 years, his transfer fee was 1 million euros.

Kiyotake played as a central player from opening match in 2012-2013 season, he scored 4 goals and did 10 assists in 31 matches. He got 3 goals in 33 matches in the next season, but the FC Nurnberg was relegated to the 2nd division. So he transferred to the Hannover on a permanent deal in July 2014. His contract was 4 years and his transfer fee was 4.3 million euros.

He also played as a central player of the Hannover, he scored 10 goals in 53 matches until 2 years. However, the Hannover was relegated to the 2nd division from 2016-2017 season. Kiyotake has signed the contract that if Hannover are relegated to the 2nd division, he can transfer that the contract cancellation fee is paid. The fee was 6.5 million euros, so the Sevilla FC paid that amount and  Kiyotake transferred to the Sevilla in June 2016.

Kiyotake was also active in Japan national football team, he debuted in the friendly match with South Korea on August 2012. He did 2 assists in the match and played with Keisuke Honda and Shinji Kagawa smoothly. He also played in 2012 London olympics and contributed to semi-finalist of U-23 Japan. He also selected to the team for 2014 Brazil World Cup, but he played only a match in Brazil. From 2016, Vahid Halilhodzic of manager selected Kiyotake as a starting member. He played as a central player and scored 4 goals in 9 matches.

Then why did Kiyotake decide to play in Japan? He got married and had a son who was born in 2011. When he transferred to the Nurnberg, his son was six months after birth. So Kiyotake went to Germany alone, and since about five years he has lived away from his family. He would want to play in Japan for spending time with his family.

This youtube video is the interview of Kiyotake last autumn. His uniform number in Cerezo will be 46.

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